Through the lens of cross-curriculum, children will research and investigate their interests.


Children will discover their role models and inspirations through deep exploration of their dreams and interests. Technology will be used as a tool to deepen their research and understandings of abstract concepts connected to their interests. Components of Science and Math will be uncovered and integrated into their area of focus. Engineering will be utilized as children design and develop their own mechanisms to problem solve and build something from their interests. Arts will be included as students explore artistic representations, expressions, and designs of their dreams.

Dream AcadeME is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. This means students bring their own iPads, laptops, cameras, etc. as needed for learning and research.

Children will discover their role models and inspirations through research and exploration.

Each child's unique talents and interests will be explored through hands-on learning experiences and discourse. Every day students will connect their minds and bodies with focus and enthusiasm through project-based activities.

Student will engage in sports and movement that are integrated with academics beyond STEAM, including literacy, social studies, music, and theatrical arts. Equally important is the development of each child’s communication and collaborative skills to scaffold social-emotional competence.

The following are some of the learning activities your child will engage in: 

  • Engineering

  • Technology

  • Sports

  • Yoga

  • Dance

  • Hiking

  • Community Service

  • Clay/Sculpting

  • Nutrition & Exercise

  • Science Experiments

  • Cooking

  • Creatures & Plants

  • Spiritual Exploration

  • Construction/Building

  • Reading

  • Journaling

  • Storytelling

  • Acting

  • Music & Instruments

  • Painting

  • Photography